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Bloomberg Center for Public Innovation

New York City, NY

As a Senior Advisor for Civic Engagement, I joined a dynamic and talented team focused on driving impactful change within communities across the country. Leveraging my expertise and innovative mindset, I led the development and publication of two comprehensive guides aimed at empowering cities to enhance their civic engagement efforts. Additionally, I collaborated with AARP to create a five-part video series on best practices for civic engagement, which are slated for release in late 2023. 

In addition to my thought leadership, I provided technical assistance to eight cities, helping them to navigate complex challenges and unlock new opportunities for civic participation.

My accomplishments did not go unnoticed, and within a year, I was promoted to a Senior Advisor for New and Strategic Civic Engagement Programs. In this role, I spearheaded the Cities of Service Coalition re-launch while providing strategic guidance and coaching to existing coalition members.

Cities of Service

New York City, NY

As a Program Manager, I played a key role in launching two grant programs, providing technical assistance, and launching a prestigious worldwide award program for cities. In addition, I helped organize a conference in Bologna, Italy, which brought together leading community engagement practitioners from around the world.

In less than two years, my hard work and dedication led to a promotion to the position of Director of Community Engagement and Programs. In this role, I expanded the organization's partnership with AARP, fostering stronger relationships and creating new opportunities for collaboration. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I led a grantee-wide response effort, coordinating with partners and city experts to address the unique challenges cities were facing.

One of my proudest achievements during this time was bringing together partners and city experts virtually to facilitate peer learning around emerging issues in community engagement.

City of Dubuque

Dubuque, Iowa 

As the first Community Engagement Coordinator for the Human Rights Department, I joined a team of dedicated individuals committed to advancing human rights and social justice. In my role, I led a small but powerful team in developing and implementing an organization-wide community engagement planning, management, and evaluation guide. Through a rigorous process of piloting and training city staff, we successfully established a comprehensive guide complete with relevant planning, data collection, and communication tools.

Moreover, I co-designed and co-facilitated over 100 hours of intercultural leadership workshops for city staff and local anchor organizations. By fostering an inclusive and equitable environment we helped build bridges between diverse communities and enhance cross-cultural communication.


Des Moines, Iowa 

As the first full-time director of the organization, I successfully implemented strategic initiatives that enhanced the organization's reputation and amplified its impact on the community. Through my leadership, I leveraged innovative marketing and communication strategies that increased the organization's visibility and brand recognition. In addition, I established best-in-class board management practices that streamlined operations and increased board member engagement, resulting in more effective decision-making and goal achievement. As a result of my efforts, the organization experienced a significant uptick in program requests, allowing us to expand our reach and deepen our impact.


Drake University

M.S. in Adult Learning and Organizational Performance. My capstone focused on the interplay between the refugee welcome experience and their identity development in the host community and how this experience impacted their civic engagement. 

University of Iowa

B.A. in Communications and Minor in Philosophy. 


Johns Hopkins University

Stanford University

Advanced Design Thinking from the Carey Business School

Designing for Social Systems from the The Hasso Plattner Institute of Design

With consistent experience in the social and community context variables that influence the social determinants of health, I have thrived in trailblazing roles across various organizations. Through my exceptional relationship-building skills across roles in organizations and lived experiences in the community, I have guided and shaped initiatives that empower children with special healthcare needs, promote a positive perspective on refugees, and collaborate with government staff to enhance program effectiveness and equitable resource distribution. These efforts have resulted in strengthened community engagement, improved quality of life, and increased trust in local leaders.

Throughout my career, I have formed and managed working teams to drive organization-wide culture change. By enhancing structures, processes, and tools, I have prioritized the needs of those we serve while streamlining workflows for colleagues. Despite working with limited resources and smaller teams, I have excelled in pivotal roles within organizations.

My greatest fulfillment comes from collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to shape program strategies and continuously evolve them based on real-time data and ongoing learning. I am particularly drawn to the work of eliminating identity-based disparities across social determinants of health because this work fosters individual reflection, strengthens community cohesion, and necessitates a networked approach involving key anchor organizations. 

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